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What is a Mental Performance Coach?

Aaron Judge has one. Russell Wilson has one.  Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had one.  Almost every college athletic program, major league pro sports team and Olympic team has one. Virtually every pro golfer and pro tennis player has one.


What do they have?

A Mental Performance Coach.


These top sports stars are smart. They're good already. Even great. Some are all-stars and superstars. Why do "they" have a mental game coach? They want to maintain their excellence. And, they want to get better. They want every edge they can get, because they know their opponents have this mental advantage.


Mental Performance Coaching helps athletes in several ways:
•    Improve mental skills, such as confidence, concentration (focus) and composure. 
•    Uncover faulty thinking and beliefs that interfere with peak performance.
•    Understand how their mind influences performance. 
•    Apply mental strategies to help perform their best in competition. 
•    Improve practice efficiency and focus. 
•    Take your practice game to competition successfully. 

A mental performance coach is a blend of peak performance coach, consultant, educator, mental guide and mental mentor. They are trained as facilitators in learning and performance. Through the implementation of a systematic training program, mental game coaches train their clients to achieve a high level of psychological skill proficiency.

What is the role of a mental game coach?

​Mental Game Coaching can help with:

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Choking

  • Focus

  • Goal-Setting and Achievement

  • Perfectionism

  • Procrastination

  • Mental Preparation

  • Mental Practice

  • Self-Discipline

  • Getting In The Zone

  • Slumps and Confidence

  • Hecklers And Psych-Outs

  • Performing Under Pressure

  • The Fear Of Success

  • The Fear Of Failure

  • The Imposter Syndrome

What is not the role of a mental game coach?
  • Diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology

  • Treatment of substance abuse (drugs and alcohol)

  • Diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders

  • Treatment of suicidal tendencies

  • Family and marriage issues

  • Crisis intervention

Why should you use a mental game coach?

You need solid mental skills that will repeat under pressure. You need mental proficiency under the most difficult circumstances.


A mental game coach helps you learn and master these critical skills:

  • Block out negative thoughts

  • Become more confident and believe in yourself more

  • Focus on appropriate cues in a performance

  • Handle the stress of competitions

  • Deal better with difficult personalities in sport

  • Communicate better with coaches, parents and teammates

  • Prepare mentally before lessons, drills and events

  • Stop self-sabotage

  • Trust your trained abilities and natural skills when it counts

  • Play closer to your potential more often

  • Handle the fear of failure

  • Reduce anxiety that can cripple performance

  • Enjoy your sport experience more

  • Set smart goals that get results

  • Deal with the adversity inherent in sport

  • Recover from mistakes and stay in the moment

  • Get into the zone more often

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