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"The Trine University Baseball program had a great opportunity to connect with Mike Mancini and his Top Mental Performance this school year.  This was the first time my team had the chance to work with the mental preparation part of the game and it was invaluable for my players.  I would encourage any team of any area of leadership to take part in what Mike brings to the thought process for success and team building."


Greg Perschke

Trine University

Head Baseball Coach


"Mental preparation was the biggest tool that I took when I went through coaching. I took the skills I was given to help me while I was in the pre-game process. I believe telling yourself enough times you’re capable of doing your tasks and you can truly trust yourself, you will be able to accomplish what ever lays in front of you.  The area where I liked coaching from Mike the most is the impact it had on getting my stress off my chest and having a professional there to help me step by step along the way."

Payton Carney
IU South Bend Titans

“Michael can bring out the best in his students. He has all the tools to help his students to be mentally prepared for competition. As a colleague, Michael is a true professional, a great communicator, and an amazing listener. He understands the mental aspects of the game. He brings this ‘all to the plate,’ and I have seen his results.”

Kevin Goddu, M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., MGCP, L3S-CT

Mental Game Coach Professional

All Sports Psychology

Professional member of the American Board of Sport Psychology

Member of the International Society of Sport Psychology

"If I could go into my mad scientist laboratory and create the ideal mental game coach, it would have to be Michael Mancini. It’s hard to find a better, more solid and warmer person than he. Mike is caring, friendly and wants to help everyone become the best version of themselves.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Mike, not only about peak performance, but about life itself. 

I’ve been mentoring coaches, training and teaching coaches at the university level since the early 80’s, and running the International Mental Game Coaching Association since 2006, and I continue to get a real thrill out of working with high-quality people such as Michael Mancini. I know that with Mike at the helm, his clients will be in superb hands.

Bill Cole, MS, MA

Mental game coach/sports psychology consultant with athletes and coaches of 25 world and national teams, 11 international and Olympic teams, 32 professional sports teams, associations/leagues, and of athletes who have won 40 world and national championships.

Founder and President of  the International Mental Game Coaching Association

"Mike does an excellent job of explaining the mental game and how it can work.  Because this area is extensive, he provided good strategies to use on the golf course."

Dan Federspiel

Golfer/Swan Lake Golf Resort

"The "Confidence Resume", learning how to fuel my Proactive Confidence (rather than having confidence be Reactive), Visualization and being aware of how body language impacts my play are the biggest takeaways for me in Mike's sessions."

Pam Harsanyi

Golfer/Swan Lake Golf Resort

"I learned how important the mental game is and how, as a coach, I can use these strategies to work on in practice, including using positive self-talk."

Sean DeBroka

Michiana Repetition Travel Baseball

"I learned what triggers are, how they impact my play and to create a confidence resume as well as the importance of focusing on the process."

A. M.

Michiana Repetition Baseball

"I learned how to use the "Three R's" method to help regroup and refocus after a mistake or getting distracted."


Michiana Repetition Baseball

The tree items I learned from Mike include the "Three R's method of regrouping and refocusing after mistakes and distractions, how to focus more on your strengths (as opposed to dwelling on mistakes) and creating power statements."

Tom Holmer

Coach/Parent - Michiana Repetition Baseball

"I learned from Mike how to stay in the present and help calm myself down."


Michiana Repetition Baseball

I always thought that I had to be hard on myself to be a good basketball player, or an athlete in general.  That meant self criticizing myself constantly.  Working with Coach Mike has allowed me to understand how I can change those thought patterns, develop a greater sense of self-confidence, keep it stable even during challenging times in a game and come up with a better performance.  It has been a great opportunity for me to grow as an athlete, improve and just simply enjoy playing the game now more than ever!

Frances C. - HS Basketball player

The mental part of sports is often mentioned, or known as an indirect part of the game.  However, no one really works on it.  Coach Mike has helped me become more aware of how I can improve my mindset just as well as I improve on the mechanics of my game.  It has given me the skills I needed to not only get a better performance on the field but the game is even more fun now than ever.

Edward M. - Youth Baseball Player

As a former athlete, Michael possesses the experience and confidence to guide athletes to overcome their mental performance blocks.  In just one session, Michael was able to cut through my negative self belief in order to enjoy an extracurricular sport that I just began.  I feel confident that Michael will propel any athlete to the next level with his coaching technique.

Betty Klein - Pickleball Athlete

Mike does a great job of providing practical ideas on pumping positivity, decreasing negativity, and equipping my athlete with skills to build confidence and focus on enjoying the game.

Carolyn Tellez - Parent of Youth Golfer

Mike provides real life, practical ways to implement mental skills for parents and athletes.

Jessica Stevens - Parent of Youth Hockey and Golf Athlete

I enjoyed your tips on being in the moment and practical mental strategies of addressing the ball.

Jeb McNally - Parent of Youth Golfer

Kevin Goddu, M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., MGCP, L3S-CT

Mental Game Coach Professional

“Michael can bring out the best in his students. He has all the tools to help his students to be mentally prepared for competition. As a colleague, Michael is a true professional, a great communicator, and an amazing listener. 

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